7 Reasons why you should practise Yoga at work

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Tiredness, lack of motivation, stress or burnout? Have you ever thought that Yoga could be the remedy and makes you feel better at work?

7 benefits of practising Yoga at work

Many studies* have proved the benefits of practising regularly Yoga on the employees' wellbeing. According to them, Yoga can help with:

- Reducing back pains

- Coping better with stressful situations and emotions

- Improving the wellbeing and positivity at work

- Reducing the risk of burnout

- Improving the creativity of teams

- Preventing sick leave and reducing absenteeism

- Improving focus capacity thanks to breathing exercises (pranayama) and mindfulness meditation

Offering Yoga sessions in companies can improve the quality of life of the employees. Nevertheless, Yoga doesn’t replace people-oriented and effective management.

For whom?

Yoga practice is useful for everyone. Top management, directors, managers, employees, sales representatives, interns, everyone can rely on Yoga as a precious tool to feel better at work.

Furthermore, practising Yoga with colleagues can reinforce cohesion and team motivation. On the mats, no hierarchy, no specific objectives just a space to come back to your inner self and share the experience of practising body and mind exercises with people from your organisation.

Which types of Yoga can you practise at work?

The Yoga sessions at work need to fit with the space available and the daily organisation of employees.

- Meditation sessions including breathing exercises don’t require specific material and can be integrated anytime during a working day. They help to increase the focus level and to reduce the level of stress at work.

- Yoga on chairs sessions can be organised for companies that do not have specific rooms available for Yoga on mats.

- Yoga classes on mats are perfect for all level groups and have a full impact on the body and the mind.

- Yoga workshops can take place outside of the office in Yoga studios and can be personalised with themes like team cohesion, stress reduction, conflicts management, trust…

When should you practise?

In the morning before breakfast, before the lunch break at midday, in the evening before going back home, you can choose the time slot that is the most convenient for your schedule and your organisation.

Successful businesses like Ikea, Tesla, Google, Adidas, Runtastic and Apple, all have Yoga classes on-site in their offices to improve the wellbeing and productivity of their staff.

What about your company? If you would like to organise Yoga sessions at work that meet your needs, you can talk about it to your Human Resources department or employees representative committee and connect with me directly.


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