18th September
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for pain-free menstruation

Learn a natural and effective method to reduce the physical pain and emotional disorders related to the menstrual cycle in only 7 days. 


Are you tired of painful menstruation?

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During the first 2 to 3 days of your periods, you are very tired.  You suffer from big cramps, from back pain, headaches and migraines. You have to stay in bed and haven't found any position that releases your pain. Furthermore, you cannot work or study efficiently.

Your relationships are affected by your emotional state: sometimes you are angry, impatient, nervous  sad or depressed. You don’t really feel like socializing and prefer to stay alone.


During your menstruation, you generally can eat all day but still are not satiated. You are either craving chocolate, meat or sugary desserts like doughnuts and ice cream.

It has been many years that you suffer, but you don’t know how to reduce the pain and get your energy back.


You haven’t found any natural solution so far?


I believe all women deserve a life
without painful menstruations & I will help you to get it!

I have created a method that helps you to have more energy and to reduce the pain during your menstruations. 

The Kit Yoga Therapy for pain free menstruation is a complete natural solution that takes into account the physical and the psychological aspect of menstruations.


It combines the learning from international Yoga teachers like B.S.K. Iyengar, Yoga Therapy and breathing methods used by doctors & psychologists.



Kit Yoga Therapy
for pain free-menstruatoins

Learn how to get rid of physical and emotional pain in 7 days!


From 25th September to 24th  October

Only 15 places available


Here is what awaits the 15 participants
of the Kit Yoga Therapy



 The 1st day is dedicated to getting all the tools & material you will need to relieve pain. This is also  the time where you will analyze your actual situation and the symptoms that have been plaguing your life.



Everything we understand is not so scary and is less painful. Here, we go through all the thoughts that can affect your well-being. During the second day, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your period to a gynecologist and a psychologist.



Bringing consciousness to your breath. Here we get to the heart of the matter by reviewing three meditative breathing techniques that can reduce your pain and change your life.


Here we will practise together yoga positions that are specific for the first and second day of your period. This sequence of yoga poses allows you to take care of your body when it needs it the most.




Reducing pain also involves nutrition adapted to the menstrual cycle. Here we see together the recommendations of a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and recipes that allow you to maximize your energy and limit the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.



Yoga session for lower belly pain and for back pain. We go together through a sequence of yoga that will relax your body and your mind and limit localized pain.



Here we will focus on the anatomy and physiology of the female organs. We will visualise how our body works and learn different techniques to give ourselves more pleasure and release the tensions during the menstrual cycle.



Here we will meet in a group and analyze everything you have accomplished during the week. You will also find bonuses such as books recommendations and movies to deepen your knowledge about the menstrual cycle.

The Kit Yoga therapy for painfree menstruations also includes


To enable you to ask all the questions that you have
(recording included)


To connect with all women of the Kit Yoga Therapy group #strongertogether


The participants of the 1st cohort will have access to the future version of the Kit Yoga Therapy


To get find easily the specialized doctors that you need (endometriosis, chinese Medicine, nutritionist, psychologist Shiatsu therapeut)


A list of menstrual panties brands + promotion codes

Video Call

Sign up today for the VIP Version

(only 3 places available)

You are not really familiar with Yoga Therapy and ou would prefer to have one on one sessions with all the benefices of personalized recommendations.

Then the VIP Version is for you! 

You will have a personalized follow-up via phone call before and after the training. ​You can contact me directly via Signal during the Yoga Therapy training if you have any questions

You will have private Yoga Therapy sessions for the 1st and 2nd day of your period+ the recording of the sessions to replay the classes every month if you need to (value €210).

As a bonus, you have access to 3 additional Yoga classes to level up your energy level and take care of your body and your mind (value 39€).

You are looking for a personal coaching?


The Kit Yoga Therapy is not for everyone!

If you think that this is the lot of women to suffer, then you are not ready for this program.

What I don't do in the Kit Yoga Therapy:

  • I do not diagnose health problems

  • I do not prescribe medication

  • I do not give a quick fix with chemical solution.


The reality is that if you really want to see a change in your health you need to understand how your body works.

Your body already produces antipain cells and if you follow the method diligently, you will naturally solve the problem.

The Kit Yoga Therapy for pain-free menstruations is for you if 

  • You feel stressed and emotionally more sensitive at the time of your period 

  • You suffer from intense pain during your period

  • You feel very tired and limited in your movements at the time of your period 

  • You prefer natural remedies to take care of yourself

  • You would like to replace the pill or medication with a natural and effective solution


Masha Kosobokova

I watched your tipps how to minimize the pain during the Period - it's very helpful. For me the first day is always like hell. Hot shower helps, but I can not live without painkillers these days. Will try yoga postures too. Thanks for sharing! And hope to meet you soon again in the Yoga studio.

Cheers, Masha

The Kit Yoga Therapy for pain-free menstruation costs:

(15 places only)

Kit Yoga Therapy Classic Version

Kit Yoga Therapy for pain-free menstruations

7 days of training live + Q&A


Private Signal Group

Yoga Therapy classes

Meditative Breathing techniques

Nutrition recommendations

Bonus : Promotion codes for menstrual well-being products

Access to the future versions + additional content



Kit Yoga Therapy for pain-free menstruations

7 days of training live + Q&A


Private Signal Group

Yoga Therapy classes 

Meditative Breathing techniques

Nutrition recommendations

Bonus : Promotion codes for menstrual well-being products 

Access to the future versions + additional content

2x1h private Yoga therapy session in one on one + video of the coaching in replay (value €210)

BONUS : additionally, you will have access to 3 hours online Yoga classes, focus back pain, hips and heart opening (value €39)


Hi, I am Kathleen Salmi,
I want to help you to live your life with more energy


 I am a certified Yoga teacher specialized in Yoga Therapy. Since 2018, I have coached hundreds of students in group and private classes. I am thrilled to be able to share this magical practice with you as well.

My goal with the Yoga Therapy kit for pain free menstruation is to help you relieving your menstrual pain with ease even if you have never done yoga before. One of my mission as a yoga teacher, specialized in Yoga Therapy, is to help you feeling better in your body and to provide you a natural method to live a fulfilling life. Like you, I have also suffered from painful periods and recurring ovarian cysts. Yoga therapy has helped me to stop the pain effectively. During many years, I have tried several techniques, deepen my practice during teachers trainings and now I share with you a natural solution, simple and easily applicable so that you can feel good every day!


2018: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training YTT 200H Indonesia, certified by Yoga Alliance International


2021: Yoga Therapy Yoga 300H training, French Federation of Green Yoga®.

Here are the organisations, I am collaborating with 

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What happen if the method doesn't work for you?


The method is combining exercises and poses that have been scientifically tested to reduce pain and stress.

I am a firm believer in the Yoga Therapy Kit method because I used it myself several times, when I was on my period and because I know that if you apply it seriously you will see a lot of positive changes in your life. I'm talking about the reduction of your pain, your self-confidence, the management of your emotions, your relationships with the surrounding people...

If for any reason the content of the Yoga Therapy Kit does not meet your expectations, I will refund 100% of the price until the end of the 4th day, if you show me that you have applied the content of the first 4 days.

If you think you don't have time to dedicate to your health or if you have another priority at the moment that prevent you to invest in your natural health, please don't sign up for the Yoga Therapy Kit. I would like to give the chance to women that are fully committed to their health and find time for themselves.

Think about it, from September on you will be able to say goodbye to your menstrual pain and get the freedom you always wanted !

If you apply the method of the Kit Yoga Therapy for pain-free menstruation, you will be able to:

  • Say goodbye to the physical pain that have limited your life since too many years

  • Have a palette of natural techniques that you can use any time to rise up your energy level 

  • Adapt your diet to your menstrual cycle

  • Improve your life quality within a week of training

for pain-free menstruation
limited to 15 places

Free from pain, period.

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