It's how you start flying with your partner!

Beginner Acro Yoga Workshop designed to have fun, to boost confidence, deepen your relationship and create memorable memories from home.

Acroyoga online Beginner Workshop

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This year raise up your energy level and boost your partnership by replacing the traditional fitness session in gym club  by Acro Yoga at home !


Tim, 25 years old

Acro Yoga is fun, strengthens the body. I like doing Acro Yoga because we laugh a lot while trying new positions, and we can practise at home anytime with the video of the workshop in replay.


Wilhelmine, 70 years old

The 1st time I've tried Acro Yoga, it was a whole new feeling. I really wanted to learn Acro Yoga but at that time I had no idea how and where I could learn Acro Yoga regularly. The teacher was a bit sceptical if I would be able to do it, I was only young 70. But I had a great partner, and it was a lot of fun. I wanted to learn Acro Yoga more and more. I also found an Acro Yoga course with Kathleen & Thomas. There I learned the first positions. And it went quite well. Since then, I don't want to miss Acro Yoga with them.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone do Acro Yoga?

Yes as long as you are physically active in some way and have no grave medical conditions, you will be able to practice acroyoga in one form or another. If you do not like to touch people though it will be problematic.

What should I wear ?

You should wear comfortable clothing which does not reveal too much anatomy when you go upside down, bend over or spread your legs. Also avoid wearing any jewellery that can get tangled, cut skin, or get caught in the bases feet or hands. Avoid wearing heavy perfumes.

Which material do I need ?

You will need 1 yoga mats. The best would be to have 3 yoga mats at home that you can overlay You will also need a good internet connection with Zoom, with a webcam, so that we can see you and give you personalized advices.

How long does the online workshop last ?

The online workshop will last 90 min, with approx. 20 min warm um, 40 min acroyoga positions and 20 min Thai Massage.

I’m very tight does that mean I will not be good at acroyoga?

Tightness in the hamstrings will affect L-basing, but you can place a wedge or blankest underneath your sacrum to alleviate that. A consistent yoga practice will help you to increase your flexibility and learn to disengage the muscles that are not needed when doing yoga asana, or acroyoga body balancing.

What should i expect in my first acroyoga class?

Your 1st acroyoga class is going to be a slow steady immersion into a whole new practice. A well-prepared class that is sensibly sequenced that includes a large yoga component that is taught by a knowledgeable and certified teacher. A yoga warm-up: that incorporates cardio exercises and Surya Namaskara (salutation to the sun) to create heat, warm up the muscles and start core integration. Basic partner balances: that continues with the core integration and test strength in the arms and legs. Spotting exercises: safety cues and learning to work as a trio. Also expect L base poses like bird, whale, throne, reverse table. And a nice Thai massage.

Which recommendation should I take into account before doing Acro Yoga ?

If you suffer from vertigo, high blood pressure, any herniated discs, destabilized sacrum, and recent surgery, etc.... If you are unsure please consult your medical professional, physiotherapist, or your body worker. One should always proceed with caution when trying a new activity.

Am i too heavy to practice acroyoga?

You can still practice but you might end up being a base until you can find someone your size or heavier to fly you. You can also try exploring distributing your weight on a smaller base on different ledges of the body, not just the hands and feet.

What to do if I don't have a partner?

The best solution would be to ask around you and or on social media. Maybe one of your friends would be interested. You can post in the Facebook group: or in the Fb event that you are looking for a partner. Then register and write in comment that you don't have a partner & we will help you finding one.


Acroyoga online Beginner Workshop

This year raise up your energy level and boost your partnership by replacing the traditional fitness session in gym club  by Acro Yoga at home !


Gymnast, Yoga Teacher, Acro yoga trainer

"Life is made for dancing, laughing and sharing great moments with people" 

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"I have started Yoga at home watching videos, and that was for me a great way to discover new things. But this is not easy to start alone when you have never done gymnastic or Acro Yoga before. That's why we have designed this workshop, to give every one the possibility to start basics Acro Yoga poses safely & having fun. With corona, I cannot be more happy to teach hundreds of people online. It's such a great way to connect with people all around the world and share the same passion."


Acro Yoga Trainer

"Alone we go faster,

together we go further "

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