AcroYoga Vienna

What is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga is a mix of acrobatics, Yoga & Thai Massage. This is a wonderful way to practice Yoga in a fun and therapeutic way.

You will discover how to find balance, build trust and strength with your partner. In addition, joining the acroyoga community is a beautiful adventure where you will connect with people & friends all over the world.

Check the video from Acro Yoga International below to discover more.


Acro Yoga Workshops

This is how you start flying with your partner: 

2 sides of Acro Yoga

In acroyoga we can talk about solar practice or solar acrobatics which requires strength and balance. These are often the positions that we see on social networks and that are practised during informal training "jams". The principle of solar acroyoga is "as long as you are having fun, it is good".

We talk about acroyoga lunar practice for relaxation positions more focused on the therapeutic side. Lunar elements are often done at the end of the session with massages to relieve muscle tension from the flyer and the base. The principle of a lunar acroyoga flow would be "as long as it feels good it is right".

3 roles in Acro Yoga

During acroyoga sessions, each person can take on different roles and vary the pleasures :)

The flyer or acrobat is the person who is in the air, flying.

the base is the person who carries the flyer, supports it during the acrobatics with his feet, hands, knees... The base is usually lying on the ground with the feet in the air.

The spotter is the person who ensures the safety of both the flyer and the base by preventing them from getting injured during the asanas.


In acroyoga, everyone can play all three roles, as long as the base has enough strength to support the flyer, there is no gender rule contrary to what one might think. 2 women can do acroyoga together and 2 men together as well. 

Acro Yoga easy exercices

Warm-up: plank, acro yoga flow, 

Asanas: Bird, Folded Leaf, Thron, Reverse Table, Flying whale

Relaxation: Thai massage sequence